Group of variable lineup, name and sound which has during 23 years of its existence earned a reputation of one of the most open-minded experimental bands in the Czech Republic. Zabloudila stood constantly aloof from the main events and they always shocked with their uncompromising approach to music and its matters. Many personalities of Czech underground scene had undergone the group and everyone involved left his/hers contribution to the original sound that always has moved in a broad range between hardcore, free jazz, free improvisation and noise. At present shows an extreme vocal creations of the female-singer Fifi meet a guitar, synth and wind instruments‘ frenzy from Brötzman‘s Last Exit or John Zorn‘s projects sort and elements of performance art (using the body and the visual components). The group have performed in 16 European countries and shared stage with such musicians, groups and projects as Zeena Parkins, Elliot Sharp, God Is My Co-Pilot, Dog Faced Hermans, Arcibishob Kebab, Trottel, Kletka Red, OVO, Allun or Vialka.