4. 6. 2010: No Sugar (US) and Zabloudila live @ Jelení

The music of NO SUGAR meets at the crossroads of the duo's diverse background: trumpet, analog electronics and contrabass creating intimate post-everything structures built with pieces of free improv, classic electronic music, folk song, and noise. Compact improvisations that reveal their other lives as compositions, narratives in a foreign language familiar to all.
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Photos of Head In Body & My Sister Is Pregnant

Photos of incredible audio-visual performance from Stimul festival by Martin. It was very erotic...





The Hunter Gracchus & Infinite Light tour cancelled

The Hunter Gracchus and Infinite Light were unfortunately forced to cancel their tour, so they won't be able to perform on October 29th at Jeleni in Prague. So we have put River For Sale (shoegaze/noiserock) and Kaspar von Urbach (psychedelic/noise), k!amm remains. Entry: 80 CZK.




Wastesound Shift (5. International Biennial Vestigies Of Industry)

13. 10. 20:00, Old Sewage Cleaning Station in Praha – Bubeneč. Waste or “unwanted” sound in a broad concept of experimental music - from electroacoustic explorations to noise catharsis. Line-up: Einleitungszeit (SK/CZ), Wouter Jaspers (NL), S/M (CZ), Do Shaska! (CZ), Ondřej Vavrečka & KLaNGundKRaCH Kollektiv (CZ). Entry: 100 CZK.





Sudden Infant (CH/DE) v Praze

So it is cornfirmed now: Joke Lanze aka Sudden Infant will perform at Chapeau Rouge on November 30th. There will be also RUiNU on the bill as an opening band and Leland Piss Orchestra (side project of Do Shaska!) will provide us with chill-out ending. This show is being promoted in cooperation with Ars Morta Universum.





Autumn plans

Our holidays end on October 1st, when The Ruin of Ruins‘ and Bone Machine's performances at café Na půl cesty take place. Next event is "Wastesound Shift“ at Old Sewage Cleaning Station in Praha - Bubeneč. Line-up so far looks like this: Einleitungszeit, Wouter Jaspers, S / M, Do Shaska! and KLaNGundKRaCH Kollektiv in collaboration with filmmaker Ondřej Vavrečka. Then there's a surprise regarding Head in Body: he will support Pan Sonic and Vladislav Delay Quartet at Stimul festival in Archa Theatre on 23th. October will be concluded by a concert of The Hunter Gracchus (UK) and Infinite Light (UK) at Klub v Jelení. In November, we would like to invite Joke Lanze's Sudden Infant to Prague. He missed the show with To Live & Shave In LA last year, so we hope it works now. As for new titles, then you can look forward to new albums of River For Sale, RUiNU and Head In Body and maybe something else.



No, Kaspar von Urbach does not quit, the title can really deceive little bit – but hopefully this is the end of masculinity in the work of KvU. And like any real end it must necessarily contain some of what it kills: it's about two and half years old and it is called Napříč tučností (v rámci masitosti) / Across the Fattiness (Under the Meatiness) . It is most likely the last KvU's hit and possibly the last song ever. Rest in peace! Then comes a nearly 50-minute recording of live improvisation from the club 15 Minutes in Olomouc (March 2009). Now it's time for interference and blurry contours! Put your leg off and attach it to any place on your body: you'll see it works...



ROT started as a twopiece in autumn 2000, the band quickly growed into a collective exploring sound in pride of 'free-music'. By bringing together a bunch of friends, musicians as well as non-musicians, R.O.T. took the shape of a mainly acoustic bigband introducing a lot of different sound sources (guitars, organs, wind instruments, percussion, objects, modified electronics, tapes etc...).
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Our new title is a CDR of BBNU‘s home-improvised recordings and has two parts: first one is an eight-minute calm, jazzy collage, then - after two minutes of silence - the journey begins. The second part of the album is more than 30 minutes long and listening to it, you will definitely understand why Michal Brunclík chose this album name. The ice crackles, the wind brings weird echoes and sound hallucinations, the light is painfully sharp.


The 6th cd-r album on KLaNGundKRaCH records is out! The self-titled debut of a solo musician called Head in Body offers an unusual work strongly inspired by a minimalist and do-it-yourslef approach to electronic music.
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Sightings in Prague

New York’s noise-rock trio SIGHTINGS will perform at club 007 on June 15th. They combine the inventiveness and raw energy of the No Wave scene of the 80’s through bands like DNA and Sonic Youth, with the extreme sonic qualities of Einsturzende Neubauten and a twisted groove of their own. Like their peers Wolf eyes and Black Dice they have been always two steps ahead on pushing rock music’s boundaries and have become known for the intense and earsplitting live shows.
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To Live and Shave in L.A. and Sudden Infant in Prague

*To Live and Shave in L.A.* (aka *TLASILA*) rip through sonic boundaries and demolish cultural mythologies with a kinetic melange of violent, constantly shifting musique concrète structures, splintered electronics, and stark, dramatic vocalizations. Their powerfully evocative compositions can take the form of forty-minute Kuiper Belt freak-outs or dense, demonic, two-minute pipebomb pop. Their avowed enemy is genre itself, their ultimate goal, * unknowing*. Hyper-literate texts, ungovernable performances, and a ruthlessly meticulous production regimen yield recordings without referent, sounds that garotte taxonomy. >View more